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Analytical Testing Services Inc., a small and independent petroleum laboratory located in the hills of Western Pennsylvania near the birthplace of the oil industry, can meet the testing needs for your business.

With over 90 years of expertise and experience in the petroleum testing arena, our talented staff conducts a wide variety of testing in-house, providing our customers with quick and accurate results.  We have developed cooperative agreements with other highly qualified laboratories for testing outside our capabilities which allows us to offer your business a complete package to meet your testing needs.  We also have the expertise and flexibility in our laboratory to address problem solving, with investigation and non-typical testing.

We test petroleum products ranging from gasoline to residuals against industry standards and validate lubricant properties.

Testing can be very helpful in lengthening the lifespan of your equipment. It addresses the question of the condition of the lubricants and the frequency of maintenance needed to keep your equipment protected and running at top form. We can assist in monitoring fleets of equipment, both in fuel and lubricant testing. Our fuel capabilities range from gasoline to bunker fuels, including bio blends.  Engine oils, transmission fluids, hydraulic oils, and gear cases can be evaluated for wear and quality.    

We do not offer a general package for testing. You will never pay for a test that is not needed for your situation.  Packages are developed based on customer request and product requirements.  Contact us with your testing questions and let us customize a package for you.

Oil Creek State Park

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