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Sample Submission

Samples that are submitted to our laboratory without completed paperwork may cause a delay of results to you or your customer. Please fill out our Online Sample Submission form. If you would rather print your form and include it with your samples, please include our Chain of Custody form.

Our turnaround time varies and will depend on many factors. If you are needing results by a certain date, please call us at 814-432-7214, so we can try to meet your needs prior to sending samples to us!

All Samples need to be shipped to:

Analytical Testing Services
190 Howard St

Suite 404

Franklin PA 16323

Payment Methods

A method of payment must be accompanied with all samples submitted. Purchase Order, Credit Card, Check, Money Order, and Wire Transfers are all acceptable payments. A processing fee will be included as an addition to your invoice for any payment not made in USD.

Purchase Order: You must be approved by Analytical Testing Services before a Purchase Order will be accepted as a form of payment. All purchase orders are a NET 30 unless discussed prior to the testing of samples.

Credit Cards: We accept, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We highly recommend calling with the credit card information for security purposes.

Checks/Money Orders: Checks must not be starter checks and if returned, you will be responsible for all additional fees. Money Orders must be completely filled out and legible.

Wire Transfers: You will be responsible for all bank fees. Please contact our accounting department for more information.

Packaging Tips

Unbreakable containers are preferred when possible, but if glass containers are used they should be shipped with adequate packaging material. If the sample is a liquid (Fuel, Oil, etc) please put the sample bottle in a Ziploc bag.  Lids should be firmly sealed and taped.  Grease samples NEVER should be packaged in plastic bags. Grease is best in a container that has no lip around the neck of the container.

Samples should always have packing under, around, and above it inside the box. Putting a sample along the side the box, and packing it tight against the side increases the chances of the delivery service breaking open your sample. Most of the time, the sample is lost and you will have to replace the sample.

Please be sure your samples and packaging falls within the guidelines of the delivery service. UPS, FedEx, DHL, and USPS all deliver regularly to our laboratory. We recommend attaching a MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) or SDS (Safety Data Sheet) and if you are shipping internationally a TSCA (Toxic Substance Act Form) to the outside of your box.

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